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Here are some examples of my previous work


previous work


Industrial Loft

Lofts are covetable for so many reasons, from the height ceilings to spacious layouts. But the features that make them great also pose a few challenges, like creating privacy (at least illusion of it), ensuring visual flow and decorate it with pieces that bring warmth and softness. I hope you like this modern industrial loft design as much as I enjoyed creating it!

This was really fun project. My client wanted something elegant and sophisticated! Her only wish was to have terrazzo tiles in the kitchen! So, I made this design and tried to incorporate this lovely terrazzo sample in each room!

Contemporary small apartment


Designing a small studio apartment means you're faced with singular task: transform one single room into bedroom, living room, kitchen, office and possibly more. Take a  look on the layout, design style and room divider that I suggested on this project!

Minimalist Studio


As main social hub of any homes the living room is the ideal place for curling up and shilling out, retreating from the world outside. A cosy living room idea means something different to all of us: it could be deep, enveloping colour, soft, comforting texture or simple, unrefined shapes. It's all matter of taste. My client wanted something cosy. modern with lots of natural tones. 

Modern Farmhouse living


Neutrals lay the foundation of the colour palette of this design, but bold accent also play a role in this beautiful contemporary design. A contemporary dining room is both simple and sophisticated. While modest in design, this looks anything but plain. To much clutter around the table can also feel chaotic, so I kept furniture and decorative accents to minimum to create relaxing place to unwind. Large art pieces make an excellent focal point. Contemporary kitchen mix modern design with minimalist flat-front cabinetry, sleek fixtures, and wood accents.

Modern Elegance


Elegant home interiors don’t have to be stiff and stuffy. Elegance can be combined with a fresh modern flavour to present a place that is full of personality. This design I made for a client is  infused with chic elegance and sophistication but it still has it's own contemporary twist. 

Cosy Elegance


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